Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Race is Irrelevant

I hope this message reaches as many people as possible. Please, after you read this, forward it to everyone you know, and encourage them to do the same. Not because I enjoy passing on chain letters, but because this is an important topic that needs as much discussion as possible. The topic here is racism. Why does racism still exist? Why, after all the years of fighting, struggling, abolishing, law-making, arguing, hoping, why is race still an issue? Why does racism still exist in America?

 I started writing a couple hours ago, and was going to direct it toward supporters of our current administration, asking for justification of un-American-like things that have been going on recently. There has been much talk lately about illegal immigration, and the racism associated with it. I read this morning about voters in a Hispanic New York community, and how they are now being given 6 votes each, because Hispanic candidates are not getting elected as expected. I have spoken with many people recently about the discrimination-like surveys and applications that schools have where they ask about everyone's race. We have discussed scholarships, social groups at schools, television networks, beauty pageants, advertising, and many other things that are all geared toward specific races.

   About 10 minutes into writing about my thoughts on the current administration, as well as these racial topics, I suddenly had a thought. A very scary thought. It doesn't matter what administration is in charge, whether they are democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, progressives, libertarians. Political affiliation means nothing. These racist laws, regulations, practices, will continue, and will only increase as time goes on. Hopefully I will be able to explain why, and I hope everyone agrees with me and with what needs to be done to change it, for good.

   Think back in history, about the people you were taught about, who tried to end racism, and fought for equal rights and treatment for everyone. How many people like that can you think of? The only two that immediately pop into my head are Martin Luther King and Ghandi. Both assassinated. Who continued their work after they died? You would think with the popularity King had that he must have had people who worked closely with him, and would continue his efforts in his place. Why didn't that happen? There are millions of people who would like to do the same things that King dreamed of doing, but for whatever reason, they don't. Even today, we have racism all over in every part of this country. Don't be fooled. Segregation laws have been abolished, but as a whole, we are just as racist, if not more so, than we were 100 years ago. The truth is, in the long run, race is irrelevant.

   When was the last time you filled out a job application, loan application, housing application, school enrollment application, ANY type of application? Did the paperwork include questions about your race? Why do you think that is? Why is race such an important piece of information? Why does an equal opportunity employer need to know your race? If they promote equal opportunities to all, race is irrelevant. Why does a bank need to know your race? If they are giving everyone an equal chance, race is irrelevant. Why does an apartment complex need to know your race? If they are providing fair housing to all, race is irrelevant. Why do schools need to know your race? If they are offering equal education to all, race is irrelevant. The point is, regardless of what topic is being discussed, race is irrelevant.

   Why do banks ask your race when you fill out an application? They are not allowed to discriminate based on race when it comes to lending. They already have your social security number, which determines your credit worthiness, so why ask your race? Again, race is irrelevant.

   Why do apartment complexes ask your race? They are required by law to abide by the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits against discrimination based on race, among other things. Do they receive government subsidies based on populations of difference races? Yes, but why? Why not just base it off the total population? Again, race is irrelevant.

   Why do employers ask your race when applying for a job? Equal Opportunity Employers are legally prohibited from discriminating based on race, among other things. Do they receive any benefits from tracking their employees' races? No, they don't. Again, race is irrelevant.

   Why do schools ask your race when filling out enrollment forms? They have scholarships for certain races, study/tutor groups for certain races, special educational programs for certain races. The truth is, legally, they cannot discriminate against anyone based on race. Anyone can apply for any program regardless of race. Schools get special funding from the federal government based on the number of minorities attending, Native American population, low income students, etc. Wouldn't it make more sense to look at the total population of the school, and fund them accordingly, regardless of everyone's race? In a society like ours, a child's brain develops the same regardless of race. Children have the same educational needs, and deserve the same opportunities, regardless of race. Again, race is irrelevant.

   The recent 2010 census survey had numerous questions on race. I personally called and spoke to a representative of the Census Bureau about the racial data collection. They said that legally they cannot force you to answer those questions, and that the questions are not specifically asking about your biological ethnicity, but about how you "self identify". That means you can self identify as any race you want, and that is how you will be counted. Again, race is irrelevant.

   The reason that is most often given to justify the collection of racial data is for statistical reporting purposes. So the different government agencies involved want to be able to accurately report on the different racial statistics of every social category possible. At first, that makes sense, for reporting purposes. But then, you have to ask yourself, Why? Why do we need statistics on race? Why does it matter what the percentage of high school dropouts are from which racial categories? All that really matters is that children are all given the same educational opportunities and benefits, regardless of race. Why does it matter what percentage of all home loans given in a specific year were from which racial categories? All that really matters is that people are given the same opportunities as others when it comes to owning their own homes, regardless of race. Why does it matter what percentage of a given company's or industry's employees are from which racial categories? All that really matters is that all employees are treated equally, and that those who are not employed are given a fair chance, regardless of race. Why does it matter what the racial population is for different communities, housing complexes, cities, etc? It doesn't. All that matters is the total population, regardless of race. Again, race is irrelevant.

   In case you are still wondering, in reality, race is irrelevant. But it is obvious that every government agency involved in our daily lives wants to collect racial data regardless. Why do you think they want to collect this data. Simple, they want to collect it so they can report it. Why do they insist on reporting this data? It serves absolutely no purpose to us. Why do any of you care what the exact statistics are for Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, White or any other race of people? How does it benefit any of us to know any of these numbers? So, the ultimate question is why? Why are they telling us this information?

   Why does the government want us to know the racial statistics of our country? Truthfully, it isn't the actual data they want us to know or think about. It is the idea. The idea of being separate. The mentality of racism, segregation, prejudices, stereotypes. They want us to constantly think about race, and about our differences. If you are white and you are constantly being reminded that black people have their own entertainment networks or scholarships that you are not included in, you may have a negative opinion of black people in general. If you are black and you are constantly being reminded that you are a minority and that your ancestors were enslaved for hundreds of years by white people, you may have a negative opinion of white people in general. If you are Asian, and you are constantly reminded that your parents came here by boat and became citizens legally and worked hard for it, but that Hispanics get to come across the southern border freely and don't have to jump through the same hoops that your parents did, you may have a negative opinion of Hispanic people in general. What is my point? My point is that every racial group has some reason to by upset with some other racial group, all because of these statistics that are forced upon us.

   So, back to the question, why? Why does the government want us to constantly think about this type of stuff? Why do they want us to know these numbers that only cause animosity toward each other? The answer is very simple, but also very scary. Because they want us to remain divided as a nation. They want us to think about our differences, so we have someone to direct our unhappiness toward. They know if we did not direct it toward each other, we would all direct it toward them. Regardless of who is in charge, they want us to have another outlet. They know that as a government, their worst nightmare is a united public.

   Think about how many aspects of your life are controlled by the government in some form or fashion. We are a long way from communism, but we are also a long way from being a free nation. Our country was founded on one very basic principle. Freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want. As long as you are not harming anyone else, you should be free to live your life however you want. That is far from what we know today as a nation. Today, we have a tax code that takes up more paper than our Constitution, Declaration of Independance, Articles of Confederation, all combined. We now have a manditory healthcare bill that also is larger than all those documents combined. Why? Why are our laws, that are trying to control us, more complex than the documents that founded our country? Why are today's laws purposely created to confuse the public? Because they want to distract us from the very fact that our freedoms are being taken away.

   By creating racial differences, our government is ensuring that we, as a nation, remain divided, so we will not unite against those who are stripping our freedoms from us. They know that it is much easier to divide, then conquer. Imagine what we could accomplish if we were simply a country full of Americans. With no racial identification, no racial questions, no racial preferences, no racial statistics, no racial reporting. Only 310 million Americans, united. Imagine how we would be able to hold our government accountable if there were no racial lines dividing us. If they had to answer to all of us, as a united group, our government would be powerless. And they know that. That is why they keep us divided.

   So, now that we know the "why?", how do we fix it? That question is very simple to answer, but it takes cooperation. The only way to transform our country from the racially divided nation we are now, into a truly United States, of just Americans, we need to start identifying ourselves as simply American. Every single piece of paper you see that asks your race, answer "American". If every single person does this for a 10 year period, the next census report that comes out in 2020 will show a country of 310 million Americans, with no difference in race. Government funding to schools would have to be based on how many Americans are in that school. Banks, housing, education, employment, would all issue reports showing only the number of Americans. Once that is complete, and the only option anyone uses is American, racial questions then become pointless. Only then will we, as a nation, be able to focus on the real problems of today's society. Only then will we, as a nation, be able to fix the problems that are hurting our country. Only once we all realize the truth. Race is irrelevant.